Elini Barokas Watches – Affordable Luxury

Elini Barokas watches have been in the market for a...

Elini Barokas Watches – Affordable Luxury

Elini Barokas watches have been in the market for a relatively short time compared to other brands of watches. However, their stylish and modern designs have made them top preferences among some consumers of luxury goods. People who buy Elini Barokas watches praise them for their outstanding craftsmanship and precision in timekeeping.

This review offers some guidelines for those who desire to buy Elini Barokas watches.



Elini Barokas watches have faces that are made of high tech translucent polycarbonate or stainless steel. They are further reinforced by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for maximum protection. Most of them have rubber-made bands although some offerings have polycarbonate, stainless steel or silicone bands. They are also great water resisters and some models boast of water resistance of up to 150 meters and more. The qualities make the watches very durable when taken care of properly.


Technology and Innovation

All Elini Barokas watches use analog display technology. Most of them have a chronograph that functions with 60sec., 30min., and 24hr. sub dials. They also feature a date window. They have quartz movement (mainly Japanese and Swiss).


Style and Features

Elini Barokas watches have very impressive styles. Whereas some are sporty, others are absolute luxury objects with diamonds and sleek designs. Offerings also vary in face sizes and you can get one that suits your hand perfectly. The company offers both masculine and feminine brands.


Elini Barokas product line has many chronographs with each one having unique features and specifications. Some like the Men's ELINI-12991-01 are round-shaped while others like Men's ELINI-10014-GM-02S-BB are rectangular.

The watches come in various colors that range from flashy to golden and black. The wide range of colors caters for individual differences and preferences, and therefore, any consumer can get an Elini Barokas watch that suits his/her taste.


Maintenance and Warranty

The quartz movement that is used by Elini watches makes them easy to maintain. Simple measures like storing your watch in a cool and dry place and replacing its battery and watertight seal at least once in two years contribute to its durability. You should also keep the watch away from heat and strong magnetic fields to avoid damage to its movement.

With regards to warranty, Elini Barokas outdoes almost every other watch manufacturing company. It offers up to five years of warranty in craftsmanship and materials. That should keep you from worrying about maintenance issues.



In terms of price, Elini Barokas watches are tough competitors in the watch manufacturing industry. Some offerings like the Women's C8810-3936-01 retail at over $5,800 while others like the Men's 10196-01-BB go for a mere $399. The difference between expensive and cheap brands boils down to the level of luxury. For example, most expensive ones are made of diamond while the cheap ones have stainless steel cases. In the watch industry where prices go as high as six figures, the Elini brand has managed to offer luxury and affordability in one package effectively. With a discount Elini Barokas watches, you can get one with as low as $50.



New as it may be, the Elini Barokas brand of watches is definitely one that sparks interest for lovers of sporty as well as luxurious watches. The company has so many offerings in its product line that you cannot miss one that suits you needs and tastes.