Lucien Piccard is one of the handcraft fine watches that have dominated the global market...

Lucien Piccard is one of the handcraft fine watches that have dominated the global market since generations. This watch was founded in Switzerland in 1923 and got admiration among dignitaries and celebrities world –wide. Lucien Piccard is a stylish, fashionable, well –designed quality product.

Quality and Design of the Lucian Piccard Watches 

Lucien Piccard is the first brand that introduced the slim designed watches to the market. This brand has got so much popularity for its impeccable design, affordable price, and good quality. This watch has a unique combination of traditional and modern technology. It is one of those watches that offer a limited lifetime warranty. Stainless steel, 14 and 18 Karat gold, diamond and other precious stones are used to give it both fashionable and traditional look. 

Are Lucien Piccard Watches Good?

Lucien Piccard watches are good in quality and design. These watches are available in more than 800 hundred designs with attractive colors. It is always easy to find the one that suits most your purpose. Some of the reviews of the popular designs of this brand are given below:

Lucian Piccard Men’s Watch Review

Here are the reviews of the some of the popular names of men’s watch of Lucian Piccard brand

1.Lucien Piccard Men’s Watch, 120-RG-03 Monte Viso Stainless steel and dark Blue Lather Band

This brand has got popularity for its size, color and for its light weight. And its blue leather color gives an extraordinary, perfect and stylish look to both suits and jeans. It is water resistant and worth spending. 

2. Lucien Piccard Men's 26022D "Paris" Diamond Two-Tone Watch

The sapphire quality, the stainless band and the price of this watch have got appreciation from the customers. And the design and elegant look have made this brand popular among this generation. All have praised its impressive look, price, and durability.

3. Lucian Piccard Men’s Watch, 12011-RG-04 Monte Viso Chronograph with Brown Lather Band

This product is made of sapphire crystal with stainless steel and gold coating plate. This brown color gives a sophisticated look and it is also water resistant. And it can be used while swimming and showering. This product has left its good impression on the quality and elegance.

4. Lucian Piccard Men’s Watch, 12356-014 Mulhacen Chronograph, And Grey Textured Black Lather Band 

The well designed and the stylish leather band of this watch offer a very classy, impressive, elegant and stylish look and this product is also durable. This one is a slim and light weight that makes this watch more adorable. People use this watch for both for personal and professional purposes.

5. Lucien Piccard Men’s Watch, White Textured Blue leather band, 12011-RG-023S Monte Chronograph 

This watch is beautifully designed with sapphire crystal and also gold plated with stainless base and the dark blue color of its leather band gives a stylish and sophisticated look. It is water resistant and can be used while swimming and showering. This product has appreciated for its good color, price and design. Now, this brand is quite well recognized all over the world. 

Lucian Piccard watch’s quality is good and also got so much appreciation for its quality, design and also for its duration.